My Nutritionist Practice

I have a certificate in functional nutrition and my membership/board certification with National Association for Nutrition Professionals qualifies me to work as a nutritionist. I’ve been trained to use an ancestrally-informed model that looks for and addresses the deficiency related root causes of health problems rather than treating symptoms with drugs that cause more deficiencies. I have applied this model to my own health needs when I my hormones got out of balance in my early forties. For the women I have worked with, we have looked at and addressed deficiencies that led to the root causes of things like hypothyroid disorder, overweight, pre-diabetes and mental health needs.

I prefer to do my initial meeting with a client in her home, so that we can talk about her food habits in the context of the kitchen. I can do follow up meetings in the home or workplace, in a coffee shop, in my office, or by zoom meeting or skype. Many of my initial contacts will come through wellness retreats that I lead, in woodsy retreat centers near my home. Check back here for updates about retreats.

I prefer to work in tandem with functional doctors–these doctors can be MD’s or naturepaths, and often, the best ones have credentials from both realms. I am willing to work long distance, but my goal is to work with women face to face for the majority of the time. I don’t work with men, because my mission is to serve women and moms.

My main specialization is teaching food-based solutions to hormone imbalance, which includes: fertility needs, period and pain management, cysts, fibroids, polyps, perimenopause and its accompanying emotional struggles, as well as menopause related imbalances.

Beside hormone health, I also enjoy working with:

  • kids’ health needs
  • autoimmune disorders
  • weight issues
  • nutritional treatment of mental health disorders

Functional doctors that I actively learn from are: Mark Hyman, Sara Gottfried, Chris Kresser and Kelly Brogan. I am a part of Dr. Kresser’s practitioner support program, The Kresser Institute. I have been working with doctors from Kresser’s team for my own health needs and I highly encourage clients to listen to his science-based nutritionally focused podcast.

If you love your traditional American doctor or if you don’t have the funds to go outside of your PPO to work with a functional doctor, I will do my best to work with your doctor, but my experience is that many MDs are threatened by functional medicine practitioners and the kinds of interventions that we use (diet and natural supplements, as well as other lifestyle factors) so it may be a conflict-ridden process, but I want you to know that I am committed to go in with a willingness to work with your MD.

More about my personal life?

I live in the wine-country village of Carlton, Oregon which is an hour SW of Portland. I’ve been a social worker for most of my adult life, working with foster and adoptive kids. I still work part time as a trainer and supporter of volunteers who work with foster kids. I married for the first time when I was nearly 40 and I have two step sons and an adoptive daughter who I adopted before I met my husband.

What drew me to study functional nutrition were my own and my daughter’s needs, and the lack of solutions coming from the mainstream medical community, around hormonal health. I’m currently writing a book about my adoptive (and largely single) motherhood story.

Feel free to use the contact form listed under the menu above, or if you don’t like forms, you can reach me at

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