Spring is Here! What are You Planting???

07235AB3-5C05-4F2B-9FC3-1F6B7650F74E.pngWe are all moved in to our new home now, and most of the art is even hung! It helped that we decided to host Easter for our families. The other day we had a housewarming party for ourselves, and met some fun new neighbors. One of them was as crazy about growing things as I am. He noted that during the building of our new housing development they “shipped off all of the good soil” and left only clay and gravel. Boy, is that ever true on my little plot too!

I remember five years ago when we first moved to our five acre farm, being so sad about the recent use of chemical herbicides on the property–there were no worms or beneficial insects in my soil for a good year until after the first layer of sheep and llama manure was nice and composted–then the life started to creep back in. Well, I’m not that nutrient poor–the dozens of robins that grace my back yard each morning are proof that life can happen even in pure clay soil. It could be worse–I wouldn’t want pure sand.

Yesterday I went back to the farm for the first time in two months. I really hope to become friends with the new owners. Maybe they will let me take some of their rich waste back here to my small town development where the new neighbors and I are yearning for rich compost? In any case, I’m going to attempt to grow these things this Spring:

I’ve already planted a dozen lavender, two native roses, three not so native ones, a few viburnum, a couple of azaleas, some delphinium, some rosemary, a couple of blueberries, some scotch heather, my dug-up and slow-to-bloom peonies, a dearly beloved rose now twice transplanted, a camellia, and a dwarf Italian Prune Tree in the front yard. In the back I planted two “pistachio” hydrangeas (on Earth Day), a climbing rose, my transplanted aronia bush, and a lovely apricot tree that will be espaliered against the side of my kitchen wall. We no longer have room for an orchard, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fruit!

As long as the robins are harvesting worms in rapid succession it will be too muddy in the back yard to be erecting the raised beds that we plan to build–but maybe next weekend it will be dry enough? Stay tuned for pics at my facebook group called “Ladies with Spades,” under my page that is listed under the handle “nwnutritionist”.

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